Alla Xul Elu "The Almighty" 12 Inch Vinyl

Alla Xul Elu "The Almighty" 12 Inch Vinyl

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Alla Xul Elu "The Almighty" 12 Inch Vinyl
For the first time ever, Alla Xul Elu is being pressed on colored double vinyl! This is pressed on 3 different color variants as well as 2 different cover variants hidden by a 12x12 triple forever face flat resembling the slip case of the CD release of The Almighty! You won't know what color or cover you get until you open your copy! This is limited to 1000 total worldwide!

Color Variants:
600 Red with Yellow Clouding Effect
250 Red and Yellow Smashed Together
150 Red and Black Smashed Together

Cover Variants:
700 Standard Cover
300 Alternate Cover

In addition to the vinyl and flat wrapped together, is including a 12x12 triple forever face flat with cut out lines to make your own novelty mask!

Aritst: Alla Xul Elu
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Track List:
1. Almighty ft. Bill Moseley
2. The Parish
3. Stained Glass
4. Axe Is Family
5. Belial ft. Insane Poetry
6. Camp Xul
7. Down For Life
8. Dead
9. Decomposing
10. Believe
11. Blasphemous ft. The Flatlinerz
12. Skin
13. Coming Soon
14. Forever Face
15. Pipebomb
16. Lost Cause
17. Venomous ft. Twiztid
18. The Forgotten
19. Into the Fire ft. Lo Key
20. Going To Hell

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